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B-3201 Langdorp - Belgium

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consultancy Managed Services Products Company


SnooBI is an innovative software services company specializing in Online Business Inteligence (OBI).

We are committed to helping our clients maximize the benefits of their websites and other online activities. This is accomplished through comprehensive monitoring of the clients' website traffic and attentive service.


SnooBI's web analytics software was developed for the practical needs of marketers and sales professionals, making it a useful tool for any company that wants to improve their online business, increase sales or do successful online marketing. SnooBI's web analytics provides clients with facts that are essential in the planning and evaluation of all Internet - related decisions.

If you need more information about our product or would like to try it for 30 days (free of charge) look at or Contact us .


SOLVEiDEA works with SnooBI to introduce the product on the Belgian market. Our mission is two-fold:

  • find new resellers interested in reselling the services to end-users, if you area reseller and want to find out how to become part of the network Contact us
  • find end-users who want to use the service and are looking to test/try (30 days free of charge) or buy the product - Contact us

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