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consultancy Managed Services Products Company

  Market Assessment

  • Develop Matrix with competitive positioning analysis
  • Check product readiness for market
  • Develop market strategy, including Sales and Marketing plan for 3y

Getting started program

  • Identify and engage potential customers to validate features/requirements match
  • Assess match 12-18 months out
  • Provide market feedback for maximum efficency before launch in new markets
  • Early adopters become reference accounts
  • Constant feedback provided to Product team as well as Management

  Turning opportunity into stable business

Many companies have dipped into the occasional order from across the pond and while getting first business is providing a base of first income as well as providing a testing ground for products the ultimate goal is to get sustainable operations running.


  • Hiring people (in accordance with the local employment laws)
  • Have service people answer customers in their own language and time zone
  • Have stock in continent

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